The Dubai Land Department tightens restrictions on property advertising by agencies and portals

The real estate agency or portal is responsible for ensuring that any property advertisements published in Dubai are supported by the appropriate advertising permissions. Dubai’s property websites are required to verify the permits for these advertisements via an integrated interface with the Dubai Land Department.

The Land Department intends to eliminate any chance of overselling or misselling properties through advertisements that make more promises than they can keep using these actions. It also occurs at a time when the local off-plan market is becoming highly active due to frequent launches, which will increase starting in September.

The Dubai Land Department strives for the highest level of transparency in the purchasing and selling of real estate, as well as in the marketing and promotion of these.

Outright fake adverts that end up misleading potential investors or tenants are something the Land Department really does not want to see. (Dubai already has a pretty strict set of rules regarding the marketing and advertising of properties. The most recent specifications constitute a significant update.)
“For sellers, it ensures the advertised prices of their properties are accurate and as per their confirmation,” said Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fam Properties. “For real estate agencies, it ensures – and imposes – fair competition, where unless the agency has a valid permit to advertise a property, they cannot make any ads live.

How do the new processes work?

Brokers must complete the electronic form’s signature with the owner of the relevant property in order to get the advertising permissions.
The Dubai Land Department has totally digitalized the process of having the owner sign the form, and it now only requires the official approval of property owners using the REST app.

Property owners must make sure that the Land Department’s records of their contact information are updated in order for the procedure to be finished.

“We welcome RERA’s latest circulars on new regulations to guide the marketing efforts of developers, intermediaries, and private sellers, thereby safeguarding the interests of buyers and all other industry stakeholders,” said Tizian Raab, spokesperson at Azizi Developments.

“The circulars also convey and instill the necessity for fair competition among sellers.

“Ads uploaded to portals must be up-to-date, that those posting them have valid RERA-verified permits, and that the information contained within reflects only what is present in RERA’s database. The guidelines will be properly enforced through frequent monitoring of real estate portals.”

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